3 Reasons Natural Web Content is Key

1. Google is SMART!

You have imagined that the future of AI would be a being who lived among the humans, barely discernable as an imposter. Would you have guessed that it was a search engine? The fact is that while Google has a million tasks on its plate, it absolutely excels at being the world's number one Search Engine. Hands down. That's why people who are familiar with search engine optimization really cater to Google,

That said, the tricks of old won't work anymore. No hidden text, no keyword packing, no link hoarding. Google can tell if your content isn't genuine - which is the first reason to keep your content conversational. And, while content generators are getting smarter, Google is always several steps ahead. Keep it real, folks!

2. It Sets You Apart

Simply said, natural content is unique in its nature. If you sit down with five different experts on...let's say...Bigfoot (why not?), you'll get five different conversations. Five different strings of thoughts and hypotheses and ideas that flow completely naturally because they've got one thing in common - passion. When people know their topic and they're passionate about it, that resonates in the end result.

That said, if you sell cardboard boxes and need to boost your SEO, you may be hard-pressed to say things super-exciting about this corrugated wonderland. But if you love cardboard boxes, well, you're unstoppable. Because then you're the go-to authority on:

  • A cat's favorite hangout.
  • The must-have building block of every diorama.
  • The best way to transport books.
  • Something everyone loves to see on their front steps.
  • Wonderful use of recycled paper.
  • One of the most multi-functional and simple concepts since 1817.

If you're willing to brainstorm and research, your content will be rich and unique. Google loves you already!


Should I Rewrite Product Descriptions?

I'm going to give you a resounding YES!

To the e-commerce entrepreneurs out there: have you been tempted (to the point of actually doing it) to copy a vendors' product descriptions and use them as your own? Of course!

In the land of SEO, not-hurting is the same as hurting. Think of it this way: you use a vendor that sells a rustic looking breadbox. You're very clearly one of the hundreds of resellers who sell this very same breadbox. Someone Googles the phrase "rustic breadbox" and on page one of search results, they see a listing of 10 identical listings. Same title, same picture, same description. It's like roulette - they can pick any of them because they're all the same.

But what if yours stands out? Fun title, unique description? They'll pick that one!

3. It Builds Trust

Have you ever been shopping online and loved a product, but when you read the description, you lost all interest? Regurgitated, poorly-formatted, grammatically horrific content turns customers away. People want to relate to you, not tie their brain in a knot trying to figure out what you're trying to say.

Now, think of an in-person shopping experience (buying a car or a TV) you've had. The one that had you on the losing end of a sales pitch. The kind where you sort of wished the building would fall into a black hole just so you could escape? Bad for business - bad for SEO.

Now, think of a time where you didn't even know you were being sold a product. It's tough, right? That's because people who are passionate and knowledgeable are trustworthy. You probably didn't feel like you were being pitched to because you trusted their expertise and intentions. THAT is the difference.

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