Find Unique OpenCart Journal Designs from the 

Earth Girl Design Team

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OpenCart  + Journal2 Framework

OpenCart is free and opensource software that has maintained popularity throughout the years. While there are many competitors, this e-commerce platform proves over and over to be flexible and easy to use. Additionally, the Journal Framework platform has become the go-to theming option for millions of users. If you've used OpenCart without Journal and OpenCart with Journal, you'll understand why it's so popular!

EarthGirl LLC was, and is, owned and operated by a web designer and was born out of a sheer need for better e-commerce hosting. So, it seemed natural to start offering our downtime designs to our amazing customers!

Keep checking back, we'll be adding different themes and designs as we're able, and hopefully be able to throw in some custom work as well.

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash